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What Tantric - Tantra erotic massage is

Tantric erotic massage without involving sex focuses on connecting with your partner on a deeper, spiritual level through touch, energy exchange, and mindfulness. The primary goal is to create a sense of intimacy, relaxation, and pleasure without the need for sexual intercourse. Here are some guidelines for a non-sexual tantric erotic massage:

  1. Set the mood: Create a comfortable and serene environment by lighting candles, playing soft music, and using calming essential oils.

  2. Establish clear intentions: Both, the giver and the receiver,  should agree on the purpose of the massage, which is to connect on a deeper level and experience pleasure without the goal of reaching orgasm.

  3. Grounding and breathing exercises: Begin by practicing deep, slow breathing to help relaxation and become more present in the moment.

  4. Full-body massage: Start with a gentle, full-body massage, focusing on releasing tension and promoting relaxation. Use your hands, fingers, and thumbs to apply gentle pressure, and communicate preferences.

  5. Energy exchange: As you progress, begin to focus on the exchange of body energy . This can be done by placing your hands on specific energy centers, or chakras, and visualizing the flow of energy between you.

  6. Sensation exploration: Gently explore different sensations on the body, using various massage techniques, such as feather-light touch, circular motions, and gentle strokes. Encourage communication about  preferences and enjoy the sensations without the pressure of reaching a climax.

  7. Meditation and visualization: As the massage progresses, you can incorporate guided meditation or visualization exercises to further deepen the connection.

  8. Closure: When the massage is complete, take a moment to express gratitude for the experience and the connection you’ve shared. Gently reconnect with your surroundings and spend a few minutes in silence before resuming your regular activities.

Remember, the goal of a tantric erotic massage without sex is to explore intimacy, connection, and pleasure without the expectation of reaching a climax. By focusing on mindfulness, relaxation, and energy exchange, you can create a deeply fulfilling and meaningful experience.

What to expect from tantric massage

The best Tantra erotic massage in Bucharest (which includes tantric massage for men and tantric massage for women) will awaken your senses and free you completely of everyday stress. Black Velvet values confidentiality and high quality services, so you can enjoy a unique tantric massage experience. By the time the tantric massage session is finished, you will feel fulfilled, relaxed, confident and completely stress free. This type of massage will grant you access to the world of mystic erotism in the most seductive way.

Price: 800 Ron / €160 / 60 min

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Sensual Erotic Massage

400 Ron / €80 / 30 min

Nude Erotic Massage

600 Ron / €120 / 60 min

Body to Body Erotic Massage

600 Ron/ € 120 / 60 min

Double Erotic Massage

1200 Ron / €240 / 90 min

How can I prepare for an erotic massage session to make the most of the experience?

How can I prepare for an erotic massage session to make the most of the experience?

Preparing for an erotic massage session involves creating a comfortable and inviting environment that enhances relaxation, pleasure, and intimacy. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your experience: Communicate your preferences: Before the session, communicate openly with your partner or the practitioner about your preferences, boundaries, and any specific areas you would like to focus on during...

What to expect from an erotic massage session?

What to expect from an erotic massage session?

During an erotic massage session, you can expect a sensual and intimate experience that focuses on relaxation, pleasure, and connection. Here are some key aspects of what you can typically expect during an erotic massage session: 1. Setting the mood: The massage room is usually dimly lit with soft music playing in the background to create a calming and romantic atmosphere. 2....

What you didn’t know about erotic massage

What you didn’t know about erotic massage

In Romania and especially in Bucharest, there is a significant number of erotic massage parlors promoted, but only few of them can really say that they fully respect the law. Unfortunately, it is very hard for you to figure which erotic massage salon fits best with what you desire. Clearly, being busy with work doesn’t leave you time...

Nude Erotic Massage

Nude Erotic Massage

Nude Erotic Massage in Bucharest Its a mix of relaxing massage includes foot massage, full body massage , face massage and scalp massage and erotic massage. What do you need to know about Nude Erotic Massage session Details are essential to any successful erotic massage session. The nude erotic massage start with foot massage which is very good for headaches, insomnia and stress. It...

Best relaxation in Bucharest

Best relaxation in Bucharest

Black Velvet Massage- luxury erotic massage salon, sensational girls The best place to pick if you want to diversify your daily activities is a luxury erotic massage salon where you will meet the best masseuses, ready to offer you sensuality and to get you to forget your work tasks, concerns, fatigue. Spend your leisure time in a magical...

Nude erotic massage – Why spend quality time in a luxury salon?

Nude erotic massage – Why spend quality time in a luxury salon?

A luxurious erotic massage salon means a special place where you feel pleasure, where all your senses are activated. You enjoy a nude erotic massage performed by one of the girls in the staff, the one you choose. Why spend quality time in a luxury salon? Life is not just work, business trips, meetings, disappointments in love, time pressure, fatigue. Black Velvet Massage...

Our book of conduct

Commitment to quality

We offer a variety of massages and the ability to customize to your tastes or fantasies that are related to the chosen massage-relax and live a delicate massage experience, our luxury salon guarantee privacy and total discretion.

The masseuses of our agency are not escorts or prostitutes, therefore, under no circumstances they will not practice penetration or oral sex. It is not allowed to touch the genitals of the masseuses. We appreciate your understanding and respect.

The Girls

Meet our exclusive professional masseuses and masseurs. We are specialized in the art of sensual, tantric and erotic massage . All the massages of our catalogue have been carefully selected to guarantee you full satisfaction during the whole service.

In our salon you have the opportunity of enjoying massages for men, for women, as well as couples, where your body, senses and pleasure will be the absolute protagonists.

Please note

Massages have non-therapeutic nature and are only for relaxation purposes. Any amounts paid are strictly for massage. Tipping is completly optional and the quality of our services doesn’t depend on it. All services are offered in our location in Bucharest. We do provide outcall massage services at the hotel.

When you visit us please make sure you have Romanian currency. We accept RON only.