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Price: 450 lei
/ 60 min

Tantra Erotic Massage in Bucharest

Do you dare to explore New ways of pleasure with a Tantra Erotic Massage

You get a full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian and Thai massage techniques.

Tantra erotic massage relax all your sense, your body, refresh all your energy.

Tantra erotic massage is designed to talk to your body in bold and daring ways.

You are the receiver of the massage, you are not the giver. Your duty is to receive relaxation in a passive way and surrender to the rediscovery of  emotions and senses.

Tantra Erotic Massage techniques the massage experience has tremendous health benefits. This massage helps eliminate toxins and reduce muscle tension.

The erogenous zones and sensitive areas massaged during the massage session are: the lobe of the ear, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, side of the body, thighs, knee area, legs.

Remember, your intimate area will not be touched.

Types of maneuvers used: smoothing, sliding pressures, kneading, spraying, friction, shearing, vibration, tapping, linear, curved and spiral frictions, executed with the tip of the fingers.

The massage session is 60 minutes and has two showers included.

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Monday - Sunday: 13:00 – 04:00