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Price: 250 lei
/ 60 min

Is a mix of different types of massages.

Sensual erotic massage contains relaxing massage, oriental massage and body erotic massage combined to carry you in a deep psyhical and spiritual relaxation.

The difference between Sensual erotic massage and Nude erotic massage is that sensual is focused more on back massage, scalp and face massage, while nude erotic massage contains more relaxing massage and has more somatic massage techniques

Massage in Bucharest

Massage has beneficial effects on the skin – it improves consistency and elasticity, cleanses the corneal cells and stimulates the growth of young ones. Helps secretory functions by opening sweat channels and eliminating sebum, produces local vasodilation and calms nerve endings.

This type of massage features relaxing massage and oriental massage techniques. It is meant to relax deeply, stimulate blood circulation, increase the amount of oxygen, activate the circulation of the lymph, also helping to eliminate toxins from the activity of the muscles.

Massage relaxation consists of massage the soles, feet, back, scalp and face.

Erotic massage is done by stimulating erogenous areas by touching fingertips.

The erogenous zones and sensitive areas that are stimulated during the massage: the lobe of the ear, neck, chest, arms, ambomnia, side of the body, thighs, knee area, legs.

Types of maneuvers used in Sensual erotic massage session: smoothing, sliding pressures, kneading, spraying, friction, rolling, stretching, vibration, tapping, and beating.

The massage session is 60 minutes and has two showers included.

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