Black Velvet Erotic Massage Bucharest

First time in Bucharest? Maybe you are a local, in which case you really don’t need us to tell you that you have to visit the Palace of Parliament or the Old City Center. There is however one location dedicated to gentlemen who enjoy all aspects of life, and that location is Black Velvet Massage. We give you our guarantee for luxury, discretion and confidentiality, together with an unforgettable erotic massage experience. Well, are you aroused already?

Erotic Massage Parlor

Are you a connoisseur in what pertains to erotic massage? Or have you finally mustered up the courage and want to be pampered by our professional masseuses? We guarantee the most exquisite experience an errotic massage parlor could offer. It simply can not be matched by competitors of erotic massage in Bucharest, thanks to the professional services we provide and beautiful masseuses we employ. Only at Black Velvet Massage you’ll experience a paradise of pleasures, impossible to forgo each time the session is over.

Why Black Velvet Massage

Because we are the only ones who want and can make all your unspoken fantasies come true. Rest assured, our professional masseuses know exactly how to treat you in order to relax and forget all your worries. Errotic massage is more than a massage, it’s an intimate and liberating experience you can hardly find anywhere else. Not only your body will feel rejuvenated, but also your spirit and your mind. Why would you deny your fantasies? Especially when they are so close…

Our Girls

Erotic Massage will be a lot more special given the fact that you will have the chance to meet our masseuses and decide before the session which one of them stirs your deepest desires. Blonde or brunette? All our girls are dedicated to the art of producing pleasure in all ways possible. They will pamper you in a world on sensual touches, tantric music and scented massage oils. What if you can’t choose? Simple, double the pleasure by choosing two masseuses and you’ll enjoy a double erotic massage. Sometimes pleasure is worth doubling.

Ema Sensual erotic massage
Anna Nude erotic massage
Bella Body to Body erotic massage

The Experience

Erotic Massage is a lot more than a normal massage… It is an intense sensory experience: physical, visual, olfactory and auditory. All this takes a lot of studying and dedication! And this is exactly what the girls of the Black Velvet Massage parlor of Bucharest have mastered. We have a standard to uphold, so we make sure all our masseuses have a massage diploma and are perfectly qualified to give premium massages, no matter the type of massage you desire.

Why you need an erotic massage

Why does any man need an erotic massage? We think you know full well the answer to this question! We’ll just guide you in order to discover what lies behind it. You simply can’t match the feeling of relaxation and joy you’ll experience after the erotic massage session. Everyone needs to get in contact with their own body and senses once in a while, especially when this process is made possible by a gorgeous woman. Gather the courage to try this at least once and we assure you that you’ll be back, thirsty for more each and every time.

Types of available erotic massages

Sensual Erotic Massage

Get ready to feel your body caressed and stimulated by the most skilled hands of a lady who has but one mission: to help you feel the deepest pleasure of your life. Our sensual erotic massage in Bucharest consists of not only relaxation massage but also oriental masagge techniques. Its purpose is to fully relax you, to stimulate your blood flow and eliminate all toxins. The massage experience also includes two showers and lasts for 60 minutes. Erotic massage is done by stimulating erogenous zones via fine touches with the fingertips. The erogenous and sensitive zones that are stimulated during sensual erotic massage are: ear lobes, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, the sides of the body, thighs, knees, feet. The intimate zones will not be touched.

300 Lei / 60 min

Nude Erotic Massage

Nude erotic massage will caress your entire body and take you to a world of delight in a second. This type of massage combines relaxation massage, sensual massage and nude erotic masage to relax both your body and mind and transport you to a fantasy world. Nude erotic massage is a deep, intense and extremely sensual experience. The erogenous and sensitive zones that are being massaged during the session are: ear lobes, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, the sides of the body, thighs, knees, feet. Intimate areas will not be touched. The session lasts for 60 minutes and features two showers.

350 lei / 60 min

Body Erotic Massage

Probably the most sensual type of erotic massage, the body massage separates itself from all others because it is done by the body of the masseuse. Just try and imagine the bursts of pleasure you’ll enjoy while a gorgeous woman massages your whole body by using her own. This type of massage is by far the most intense and the one that will relax you the most. You’ll feel every touch from our masseuses who will gently knead your erogenous and sensitive zones. You will be touched and intensely caressed on your chest, arms, neck, ear lobes, the sides of the body and back of the knees. Intimate zones will not be touched. The entire pleasure session lasts for 60 minutes and includes two showers.

400 Lei / 60 min

Platinum Velvet Massage

Platinum Velvet erotic massage is full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian massage techniques.

500 Lei / 60 min

Double Erotic Massage Bucharest

If what you’ve read so far has piqued your interest, you’ll be delighted to find out that your enjoyment could actually be doubled. Only for the extremely bold and confident do we recommend the double erotic massage! Can you handle the sensual touches of not one but two gorgeous and experimented women who are masters of giving pleasure? You will be supremely pampered for 60 minutes with touches which will keep you on the verge of ecstasy for a loooong time. The double erotic massage, also known as four hands massage, includes therapeutic and nude erotic massage which will focus on the sensitive and erogenous zones like the ear lobes, neck, chest, arms, abdomen, the sides of the body, thighs, knees and feet.

600 Lei / 60 min

What our guests say

Thank you for an amazing massage, best I have had in many years. Ema is stunning!


Visiting this erotic massage parlor I had high expectations from the massage, but they were not only justified, but also exceeded. In short, it was very cool! the prices are good, the women beautiful, good services and the atmosphere is friendly and warm.


The best erotic massage in Bucharest!


The girls are the best and this is the best place for massage in Bucarest.


Authentic and gorgeous women. I liked the experience. Best massage place, best masseuses and best body to body massage


Studio pulito, molto accogliente, dove la privacy e assicurata! Le massaggiatrici molto educate, professionali da provare questo tipo di massaggio assolutamenteg


Discretion and Privacy

An erotic massage parlor would not be in any way special if it would not provide absolute discretion. Our masseuses will assure both your physical and mental comfort for the duration of the session and after it is completed. Discretion is indeed our motto.

Location - 5 min near Radisson Hotel

The Black Velvet Erotic Massage parlour is located in the center of Bucharest, close to five stars hotels, casinos and the Old city center, in order to mix business and pleasure. Fun and enjoyment could be found in many ways! You can find us on Ecaterina Teodoroiu Street nr. 20, 010972, sector 1, Bucharest. We are open between 10:00 and 00:00, Monday through Sunday. For appointments you can reach us at +40 746 888 890. Our girls are waiting for you!

Book of conduct

Commitment to quality

Our erotic massage parlor in Bucharest is dedicated to the qulity of services offered and your pleasure. Come to us with faith that you are in good hands, convinced that we will offer your confidentiality and full discretion. 

Our masseuses are not escorts or prostitutes, therefore they will not practice penetration or oral sex. Touching of masseuses’ genitals is strictly forbidden. Thank you for your understanding and respect.

Relaxation and pleasure

You will definitely enjoy both on account of our masseuses’ professionalism. They are experts in the art of sensual, tantric and erotic massage. In our parlor you may enjoy massages for men, women and couples, where your body, senses and pleasures will be our main focus.

Please note

Our massages have a non-therapeutic purpose and are only destined for relaxation. Any amounts of money paid are strictly for massage. Tipping is completely optional and the quality or our services does not depend on it. All our services are provided in our Bucharest location. We do not provide outcall massage sessions at hotels. When you visit please remember to carry Romanian currency. We only accept RON.

Frequently asked questions

Looking for an erotic massage in Bucharest?

Black Velvet Erotic Massage Parlor provides one of the best erotic massage experiences in Bucharest.

What makes Erotic Massage Velvet unique?

With years of experience, we developed the most sensual massage techniques which provides you high intense pleasure through a profound body relaxation. Black Velvet Massage Parlor is located in Bucharest City Center, very close to main hotels. Visiting us you will enjoy a Premium erotic massage experience at best prices in a beautiful location. Indulge in a Private, Sensual Massage in Bucharest

What types of erotic massages are offered at Black Velvet?

Our Beautiful professional masseuses are specialized in the art of erotic massage and they provide a variety of massages like  sensual erotic massage, nude erotic massage, body erotic massage, platinum tantric massage, double erotic massage.

Who are the masseuses at Erotic Massage Velvet?

Our beautiful professional masseuses are ANNA, EMA, BELLA, LILY , MELISA, MAYA.

Why would someone need an erotic massage?

An erotic massage provides a unique experience that combines relaxation, stimulation, and liberation, both for the body and mind. It is an opportunity for anyone to get in touch with their own body and senses in a way that can’t be matched by traditional massages. It is a treat that shouldn’t be denied.

Do you have nearby restaurant recommendations?

An erotic massage can be a physically and mentally stimulating experience that can leave you feeling relaxed but also energized. One place that may help with your increased appetite is: מוישה מסעדה ומכולת כשרה בבוקרשט – Moise Kosher food in Bucharest