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Price: 350 lei
/ 60 min

Body Erotic Massage

Are you ready to receive the mind blowing feelings with this Body Erotic Massage?

Anytime it is a good time to talk about our body.

Do you know what are the most sensitive erogenous zones of your body?

Are you ready to find out?

Body Erotic Massage is focused on all those hot spots, it gets you high intense pleasure.

I hope you didn’t jump on the introduction part from Nude Erotic Massage 

everything is similar up to lying down the massage bed.

You are fresh after the shower, still  exhausted after your busy day, expecting to get better treatment, in the mood for a spa day.

Lying down , listening the soft chill out music, your breath is slowing down and your head is sinking into the pillow, finally ready to get spoiled.

And here she comes, wrapped in a white towel, which slides off her as she approaches to bed.

Your erotic massage session is starting.

Body massage starts on your back with circular moves, changing the speed in the rhythm of a sensual music.

Body Erotic Massage begins by massaging the foot, continuing with the massage of Achilles tendon, massaging calf, thighs, sacral bone, back, cervical region, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen.

Sensitive areas and erogenous zones reached during the erotic massage session: the back of the knees, the side of the body, the chest, the arms, the throat, the lobe of the ear.

Types of maneuvers used: smoothing, friction, spraying, shaking, stamping, presses, sifting, rolling, taping.

Remember, your intimate area will not be touched.

A massage session last 60 minutes and has two showers included.

For best erotic massage in Bucharest, come and meet our beautiful masseuses!

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