What body massage is

Body massage, also known as body erotic massage is probably the most sensual type of erotic masage , as it is entirely given by the body of the massesuse. This type of massage is the most intense and the one that will relax you the most. You’ll fully enjoy the touches of our masseuse who will roll over your sensitive and erogenous zones. Are you ready to enjoy such an intense massage experience?

What stages does body massage include

Body to body erotic massage combines different types of massages, all meant to fully prepare you for the unforgettable sensual experience you are about to enjoy. Our masseuses will start with a relaxing massage, meant to help you de-stress and forget your worries and then they will continue with an erotic massage and body massage by using their naked bodies. One body to body massage session includes two showers and lasts for a fiery 60 minutes.

What to expect from body massage

What does Black Velvet guarantee for you? Nothing less and nothing more than the best body massage in Bucharest! Just try to imagine the bursts of pleasure that you will enjoy while a gorgeous woman massages your whole body by using her own. This type of erotic massage is seductive and exotic, based on massage techniques that are more powerful than usual ones. Your chest, arms, neck, ear lobes, sides of the body and back of the knees will be intensely touched and caressed.

What the benefits of body massage are

Need we explain the sensation you’ll enjoy from being massaged by the body of a gorgeous woman? The wave of pleasure that will undoubtedly hit you, will determine you to come back for the best body massage in Bucharest. We guarantee that you will feel relaxed, stimulated and released after this intense experience will bring you face to face with your own needs, desires and sensuality. You’ll feel brand new and you’ll definitely want more of it!

Price: 300 lei/ 60 min

Body to Body Erotic Massage

Are you ready to receive the mind blowing feelings with this Body Erotic Massage?

This type of  Erotic Massage is focused on all those hot spots, it gets you high intense pleasure through a profound relaxing massage and the best erotic massage ever. With every soft touch your body gets more and more spoiled.

Body to body erotic massage is great after a busy day.  You can choose to have a massage before the next meeting , after dinner or right before club. Always is a good moment to have one.

Body Erotic Massage includes also relaxing massage , the girls start by massaging the foots, continuing with the massage of Achilles tendon, massaging calf, thighs, sacral bone, back, cervical region, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen.

Sensitive areas and erogenous zones reached during the erotic massage session: the back of the knees, the side of the body, the chest, the arms, the throat, the lobe of the ear.

Types of maneuvers used: smoothing, friction, spraying, shaking, stamping, presses, sifting, rolling, taping.

For best erotic massage in Bucharest, visit the best erotic massage parlor and check the girls photo gallery.

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Sensual Erotic Massage

Sensual erotic massage is a new experience which contains Relaxing Massage, Oriental Massage and Body Massage combined to carry you in a deep physical and spiritual relaxation.

250 Lei / 60 min

Nude Erotic Massage

Its a mix of relaxing massage includes foot relaxing massage, full body massage , and erotic massage. Nude erotic massage is highly sensual

250 lei / 60 min

Platinum Velvet Massage

Platinum Velvet erotic massage is full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian massage techniques.

400 Lei / 60 min

Double Erotic Massage Bucharest

Double pleasure in record time! A perfect gift to yourself to enjoy not one, but two lovely ladies, a double portion of twisting curves. The experience is very creative. If seeing two fat ladies releases your inhibitions. Duo Erotic Massage won’t. It releases your anxiety and stress in an instance. Makes you feel more relaxed and positive person

500 Lei / 60 min

Our book of conduct

Commitment to quality

We offer a variety of massages and the ability to customize to your tastes or fantasies that are related to the chosen massage-relax and live a delicate massage experience, our luxury salon guarantee privacy and total discretion.

The masseuses of our agency are not escorts or prostitutes, therefore, under no circumstances they will not practice penetration or oral sex. It is not allowed to touch the genitals of the masseuses. We appreciate your understanding and respect.

Are you looking for one full hour of Erotic massage in Bucharest?

Meet our exclusive professional masseuses and masseurs. We are specialized in the art of sensual, tantric and erotic massage . All the massages of our catalogue have been carefully selected to guarantee you full satisfaction during the whole service.

In our salon you have the opportunity of enjoying massages for men, for women, as well as couples, where your body, senses and pleasure will be the absolute protagonists.

Please note

Massages have non-therapeutic nature and are only for relaxation purposes. Any amounts paid are strictly for massage. Tipping is completly optional and the quality of our services doesn’t depend on it. All services are offered in our location in Bucharest. We do not provide outcall massage services at the hotel.

When you visit us please make sure you have Romanian currency. We accept RON only.