Bucharest Erotic Massage

 5 min. near (me) Radisson Blu Hotel and Hilton Hotel, Romania

Erotic massages : sensual, nude, body to body, double, relaxing massage

 Nude erotic massage experience

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erotic massage bucharest

Sensual Erotic Massage

Sensual erotic massage is a new experience which contains Relaxing Massage, Oriental Massage and Body Massage combined to carry you in a deep physical and spiritual relaxation.

200 lei
60 min
erotic massage bucarest

Nude Erotic Massage

Its a mix of relaxing massage includes foot relaxing massage, full body massage , and erotic massage. Nude erotic massage is highly sensual

250 lei
60 min

Body to Body Erotic Massage

Are you ready to receive the mind blowing feelings with this Body to Body Erotic Massage?

This type of  Erotic Massage is focused on all those hot spots, it gets you high intense pleasure through a profound relaxing massage and the best erotic massage ever. With every soft hot touch your body gets more and more spoiled.

300 lei
60 min
bucharest erotic massage

Platinum Velvet Massage

Platinum Velvet erotic massage is full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian massage techniques.
Platinum erotic massage relax all your sense, your body, refresh all your energy. This erotic massage is designed to talk to your body in bold and daring ways.

400 lei
60 min
body erotic massage

Double Erotic Massage Bucharest

Double pleasure in record time! A perfect gift to yourself to enjoy not one, but two lovely ladies, a double portion of twisting curves.
The experience is very creative. If seeing two fat ladies releases your inhibitions. Duo Erotic Massage won’t.
It releases your anxiety and stress in an instance.
Makes you feel more relaxed and positive person

500 lei
60 min
Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage
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What They Say

My friends recommended me this massage place. From far one of the best erotic massage parlor in Bucharest. Had a bikini presentation with many hot girls. The massage session was awesome, Ema was sweet, sociable and skilled. The erotic massage place was near me, in city center, which was a big advantage.

Alec, Greece

Excellent erotic massage in Bucharest! A great way to relax from your daily running. I recommend the place with confidence!

Jon Dawnson, Australia

If you didn’t try other massage parlors I can save you from a waste of energy and money, Black Velvet Massage is the best option in Bucharest to get a real good massage.

The place is cool, the girls are hot, the price is 250 or 300 Ron, depending on what you choose, the massage session turns out to be better than you expect

Don’t show up with unrealistic expectations because the girls are not permissive, which is a big plus in my opinion


A real massage parlor, has nothing to do with the others I’ve visited. A nude erotic massage session is 300 Ron and worth every penny! The masseurs are very friendly, sexy, beautiful! The erotic massage is very professional, girls are not neglecting sensuality! I like the fact that all of them were wore make-up, high hills and sexy lingerie. Congratulations girls, I’ll be back!

Eric, Brazilia
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Black Velvet offers Premium Erotic Massages Services. What would you choose for experiencing an unique intense erotic massage?