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Our masseuses Their beauty, well learned massage techniques and secrets is all you need to enjoy a pleasant, sensual massage session and a good conversation

Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage
Erotic Massage


Hi, i am Sara and i put all my energy to positively impact every person i meet. When i was asked to share why i choose to join Velvet team and to offer massage service , i got emotional because it is hard to put into words .

Here it goes:

I had few jobs before and, since always, i saw best in people and pull them up when they needed. I was trying to do my tasks as good as i could, yet i never felt that i belong in those places because my previous work places wasn’t so much about people.

Later on, i found out about myself that i am a people orientated person and less task orientated.

It is said that success is what other people think about you. Happiness is what you think about yourself. I choose happiness. I choose to do what makes me happy, to serve people by paying attention to their worries and their emotions while i relax their body. I am genuinely interested in the person i have in front of me.

My mission is to follow the result not the activity. If i can bring 5% more joy in someone’s life i have a beautiful day. My mission is our team mission.

We put people first. Is is always about WE, about US.


Hiiiii! I am Carla and i think life is not about me, me , me. I believe life is about how i can give more, do more, share more, create more.

I wanna start by saying that i have been weak in my life . In the past i had lots of teenager challenges and i had moment when i didn’t knew what decision should i make. Were rough moments and good lessons.

There are days when you have to decide what to think, days when you have to decide what to do, what to say, what to give.


Ioana, 24 years old, English speaker, I love to give massage.

Since i was child, i provided massage to my love ones.

I like the feeling of waking emotions to people i touch, i take pleasure when touching every muscle, gently, and feel the soft skin.



I am Ana and i am an extrovert person. I enjoy being surrounded by people and hear their life stories.

I consider men are sensitive and gentle human beings which need appreciation, respect, care and should be treated with kindness.


After you’ll know me, I’m also sure you’ll come back for a nice big shoot of relaxing moments.


Her sensual touch along with her sweet personality will always make you come back wanting more.

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Our commitment to quality services ensure our clients gratitude. With years of experiences, our dedicated staff is ready to serve your needs to provide relaxation and pleasure.

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erotic massage bucharest

Sensual Erotic Massage

Knowledge is for the mind and experiences for the body. Embodying the truth of that philosophy, your mind and body are aligned to a new destiny. In four days people can change their genetic expression if they begin to think differently , make new choices , create new experiences, create new feelings. They will change their genetic destiny. If you are able to do it once, you will be able to do it again.
This Sensual massage is a new experience which contains Relaxing Massage, Oriental Massage and Sensual Massage combined to carry you in a deep physical and spiritual relaxation.

250 lei
60 min
erotic massage in bucharest

Nude Erotic Massage

During erotic massage session 4 important needs are fulfilled. To be touched with care by another person, is one of them, which will reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) and increase the level of vagal activity. We feel hungry and furious when we don’t eat. Did you know that we feel stressed, unloved and unappreciated when our connection need is unfulfilled? Even when your needs are fulfilled, always it is a good time to relax and enjoy

300 lei
60 min

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Body Erotic Massage

Body erotic massage starts on your back with circular moves , changing the speed in the rhythm of sensual music

350 lei
60 min

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erotic massage tantra

Tantra Erotic Massage

Our daily success is given by the quality of our life , meaning the quality and the balance between professional and personal life. When we want to be successful in business we take all the opportunities. When we want to be successful in our personal life we do same.
Tantra massage contains Indian and Thai massage techniques. The benefits of Tantra massage are well known.

450 lei
60 min

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Double Erotic Massage

Double pleasure in record time! A perfect gift to yourself to enjoy not one, but two lovely ladies, a double portion of twisting curves.

500 lei
60 min

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