First of all, the girls must pass a strict selection. The criteria are various from seductive physical appeareance, the confidence of a supermodel, knowledge of relaxation massage techniques (the presence of the diploma), english language (good communications skills) to having the secret ingredient – the techniques of sensual massage.

Massage is great, but it’s nothing without the skills. Both men and women have pressure points that once massaged will release the tension in the muscles and relax the body entirely. A good sensual massage offers pure pleasure, the most intense experiences, increase the pulse, refresh all the energy.

The girls from a luxury erotic massage know the art of different types of massage, as sensual erotic massage or body erotic massage.

The power of touch

Body Erotic Massage is a mix of different types of massage techniques . First, technique involves gently pressing with fingertips his muscles. The intensity increases during the full hour of massage, ascending to erotic sensations. The sensuality is very important and it means slow, graceful movement.

Self confidence

The confidence is important for every woman. If a woman want to seduce a man she doesn’t need a lot of make up. Men are very impressed by confidence.

So, confidence is key when a girl wants to seduce a man. Enter into a room to touch the entire body of a men, in order to offer him relaxation and intense sensuality, it means that girl have confidence and she behaves like a professional. She is sure that she’s offering great sensations to him. He will have a total new massage experience .

A great look

An attractive physical appearance is very important, also to have style and class.

The girls from the erotic salon know the importance of the femininity (beautiful long hair, perfect nails, discreet and nice makeup, a good perfume).  They take care of their appearance and image. Also they work on their communication skills.

A special lady is a great company for every man! Girls from the erotic massage are beautiful, smart, kind, seductive, confident, sexy and master in technique of a sensual massage full of intense sensations. Dare to try them!