vip erotic massage

A luxurious erotic massage salon means a special place where you feel pleasure, where all your senses are activated. You enjoy a nude erotic massage performed by one of the girls in the staff, the one you choose.

Why spend quality time in a luxury salon?

Life is not just work, business trips, meetings, disappointments in love, time pressure, fatigue.

Black Velvet Massage is an erotic massage salon in Bucharest (Romania), in the central area, where luxury is combined with beautiful ladies, pleasure, relaxation and erotic massage techniques.

Escape from your daily routine

Do you take time to relax? What do you prefer, a movie, a pizza or a walk? It’s time for something new! Try an erotic massage in a relaxation club and you will be charged with positive energy for a whole week.

Do you want to enjoy a new experience? The girls from Black Velvet are waiting for you, take a look and meet them on our website,

Try something new – Try nude erotic massage

If you want a professional massage, an expert masseuse can do it for you. The girls know exactly what areas to work on. They are trained and know how to relax your muscles, they also master erotic massage techniques.

You will enjoy more than a feminine presence, a professional massage.

Erotic pleasure

You will meet with pleasure in a luxurious interior, in a relaxed atmosphere. The erotic massages in the Black Velvet salon are varied, of different intensities such as Body Massage or Sensual Massage.

During a full hour session you will feel fantastic, as well as a good period after.

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