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Maybe you are not in the mood for a new business travel. You associate it with a lot of fatigue, stress, a foreign culture, unknown places, pressure, probably another time zone. Well, don’t be fearful, are a lot of reasons to be confident and happy for a business travel in Bucharest! You can relax and enjoy your time, even if you are on a business trip. So, find out some ideas to feel very, very good on your journey, to rid yourself of worries!

Best erotic massage in Bucharest

Yes, you deserve physical and mind relaxation with an nude erotic massage in Bucharest. Choose the massage and the masseur girl to whom you want to delight your senses with! So, according to the intensity you want, there are more types of erotic massages:

  • sensual erotic massage
  • nude erotic massage
  • body erotic massage
  • relaxing massage
  • duo erotic massage

Black Velvet Massage is a luxury erotic massage salon situated in the center of Bucharest, very close to the main hotels, which offers you a lot of advantages: , very good services, special prices, beautiful masseur girls which speak English language and more other benefits. Make online an appointment or call us!

Covered Pool

If you are sick to stay in front of your laptop, if you want some move, go to the pool. Enjoy it in your hotel or in a spa. The physical and mental benefits offers by swimming are clear. During the swimming all the muscle groups work simultaneously, so you will have a total training for your body. Also, the swimming is excellent for eliminate your stress.

Breakfast in bed

You deserve more spoiling. So call at the hotel reception and tell them to bring your breakfast. Eat in bed while you read a chapter from your favorite book. Relax, don’t hurry, enjoy the food and the lecture. How long it’s been since you’ve have a treatment like this?


Enjoy your free time with shopping! You will feel good to buy some new clothes for you, and why not, for your wife. In Bucharest are a lot of shopping malls, in all areas. Take into consideration also the accessory, a new watch for you and earrings for her will be a reason of joy. Enjoy the moment!