How men choose to be spoiled in March?

March 2, 2018

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It is well-known that March is the first month of spring. Young ladies and women receive flowers. In Romania, on 1st of March there is a tradition called martisor – the symbol of spring including a cord with two colors, red and white. Also, 8th March is the International Women’s Day. Women receive presents. So, definetely March is women’s month, they are really spoiled by men.

Erotic Massage Bucharest

But what happens with men? They don’t deserve attention also? Of course they do! A man who want to feel extraordinary, to charge with energy after long days at work, who wants to feel confident and special will choose the erotic massage.

Tantra erotic massage

A luxury salon of erotic massage in Bucharest offers different types of pleasure with variable degrees of intensity. Tantra erotic massage is a popular type of erotic massage which contains Indian and Thailand techniques. It is a full hour of pleasure. At Black Velvet massage salon, Tantric massage is reinvented due to Prostate massage included. Every men will experiment an intense erotism, so two possible happy endings.

Black Velvet salon guarantees privacy and total discretion. You choose the girl you want and the type of massage that you desire (as nude, rebel, tantric).

Are you travelling on business purpose to Bucharest? Do you want to rest confortable at your hotel room and the girl to come at your accomodation? Yes, it’s possible without an extra pay. Experiment the pleasure, the relaxation of entire body. The erotic massage succeed to offer you an unique intense experience. Enjoy it!

Erotic massage made by two ladies, a perfect gift for you

The life is to short in order to stay far away of intense pleasure! You have the possibilty to offer yourself a great present in March at Black Velvet salon. Choose Double essence erotic massage and you will be treat like a king by two beautiful ladies! All your senses will come alive and a vibrant provocative energy will invade you during this special massage session. Enjoy a double portion of pleasure in one hour of erotic massage!

Erotic massage with the women from your life

March is a perfect reason to offer a present to your wife/girlfriend, but also to you, so a present for both of you, a Couple erotic massage at Black Velvet salon will be perfect!

This type of massage guides both partners to climb the highest point of pleasure. It’s a nonconformist couples massage package for an entire hour.

Discover togheter the most intense sensual experience!

March is about the renaissance of nature, but also about the renaissance of all your senses. Enjoy pleasure, enjoy life, enjoy spring!

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