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Sensual Erotic Massage Bucharest

It is a mix of different types of erotic massages.
Sensual erotic massage is a new experience which contains Relaxing Massage, Body to Body Massage and erotic massage, combined to carry you in a deep physical and spiritual relaxation. try the body best experience.
Enjoy an sensual erotic massage in Bucharest.

250 lei
60 min

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Nude Erotic Massage Bucharest

Its a mix of relaxing massage (foot massage, full body massage , face massage and scalp massage).
Asian massage techniques are applied to you. With every touch, with every comfort you feel spoiled and enveloped by sensuality. Nude Erotic Massage, besides the benefits of therapeutic massage, also offers an intimate and sensual experience.

After booking an appointment, arriving at location, having the bikini presentation in the lounge, you have the option to choose your masseuse for the massage session.

300 lei
60 min

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Body Erotic Massage Bucharest

Body Erotic Massage is focused on all those erotic spots, it gets you high intense pleasure. Massage starts on your back with circular moves, changing the speed in the rhythm of a sensual music.
Body Erotic Massage includes also relaxing massage , the girls start by massaging the foots, continuing with the massage of Achilles tendon, massaging calf, thighs, sacral bone, back, cervical region, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen.

Sensitive areas and erogenous zones will be reached during the erotic massage session. The body to body erotic massage is sensual, intimate, intense , it is an erotic game meant to make your body vibrate

300 lei
60 min

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Tantra Erotic Massage Bucharest

Tantra erotic massage is full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian and Thai massage techniques.

Tantra erotic massage relax all your sense, your body, refresh all your energy.

This erotic massage is designed to talk to your body in bold and daring ways.

450 lei
60 min

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Double Erotic Massage Bucharest

Double pleasure in record time! A perfect gift to yourself to enjoy not one, but two lovely ladies, a double portion of twisting curves.

500 lei
60 min

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