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The Good news : Everything is connected.

The Bad news : Everything is connected.

Pythagoras was the one who discovered that the pentagram was full of mathematic or mathemagic . The golden ratio, mathematically, reproduce itself indefinitely.

To the Greeks the golden rectangle represented a mathematical low of beauty. We find it in their classical arhitecture. The Parthenon, perhaps one of the most famous of the early Greek buildings contains many golden rectangles.

The same golden ration is found also in their sculpture. The modern buildings are following the same law of beauty.

Indeed this ideal proportion is to be found in life itself : petunia, star jasmine flower, the starfish, wax flower, etc. The patterns are limitless. It is mathematics in music, in art, in just about everything and the rules are always the same.

You may ask, how all this is related with erotic massage and how can we relate erotic massage with golden ratio of Pythagora?

Or perhaps , you already made the connections.

Each human being wants a beautiful life, a beautiful spouse, a beautiful house, beautiful children, beautiful experiences and so on. We simply love beauty.

To obtain a beautiful building, you need to build beautifully and care, respecting the golden ration.

Same with a beautiful relationship. You have to be very careful with the golden ration. Calculate twice before taking any action.

When we are young we all use heavy words like: i want to be rich, to be famous , to be beautiful and successful without understanding the full meaning of these words.

When we became mature, we realize that we are rich and successful when we have deep meaningful relationships with the people we love and care.

How do we build deep meaningful relationships?

A simple fast answer is : repeating over and over good deeds. Being truly interested in the other person, taking care and looking after the other person.

To use or not to use erotic massage? Or when to use erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a bridge between deep meaningful relationships and a wasted life.

Yes , you may use an erotic massage to relax yourself and to control yourself to not cheat your partner. In my opinion is better to go to an erotic massage which provides professional services then to cheat your spouse. DO NOT USE IT LONG TERM AND DO NOT USE EXCUSES TO GO TO EROTIC MASSAGE.

The only time you can use erotic massage is when you feel that you want to cheat your spouse. Control yourself, don’t cheat!

If you are hurt and feel that your relationship or marriage isn’t working as you wish, you can do something about it. Try to reconnect with your spouse, improve your communication, find solutions to your disagreements, respect each other, trust each other. You are in the same boat. You are in the same team.

Every good thought you will have it will reflect in your behavior, every good word you say it will stay in her heart, every good action that you do it will remain like a footstep in your home environment. Choose wisely , because as Warren Buffet said, life use the compound interest law.

Same will happen with all the bad words, bad action, bad behavior. It will pour over you like a waterfall.

There is nothing worse in life then to lose your children, family, respect and trust.

On the other hand, there is noting worth fighting for as is FAMILY.

If you are reading this it means that you are good where you are and you wanna do better. You can do better. You can improve your life , you can make it more meaningful, you can bring joy and love in the life of your love ones . You are the lider.

Where to start?

I am sure you know very well your strengths and your weaknesses.

Its time for you to become your family superhero, the model they dream to become.

You may start from here. Today is the day that you get in touch with your council, with your team, with the people that know you can.