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Massage in Bucharest

Worldwide, massage is perceived as a luxury reserved for the wealthy.A

Recent studies shows that job growth for massage therapists is expected to increase by 24 percent through 2026.

erotic massage in bucharest
Erotic Massage in Bucharest

Erotic Massage is one of the most popular types of massages in Romania, especially in Bucharest, and has grown in popularity in the last 5 years.

Provides all the benefits of therapeutic massage because is based on somatic massage techniques and have a big A+ because it is very intimate and sensual. Always has been considered and art that brings pleasure through relaxation.

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Erotic Massages

What everyone should take in consideration before booking a massage parlor in Bucharest

It is a fact that men are choosing beauty over a lots of criteria.

And Bucharest is a city where, by far, you see lots of beautiful girls by square meter on the streets.

Yet, you should be careful when you choose to book for a massage in Bucharest.

There are lots of illegal “massage salon” which aren’t safe and puts you in risk. There are a lot of taxi drivers who are trying to convince tourists that they know the best massage parlor which has the ” most beautiful girls”. Actually the taxi drivers have arrangements to bring you to those massage parlors and take a commission for bring you in, charging you extra for the massage services.

Never let a taxi driver make a booking for you, or to talk by phone for you. They will try to make an arrangement and if they will be refused they will tell you that the massage parlor doesn’t have girls available or any other reasons. Always check by yourself .

Let’s say you made the research and you choose a legal massage parlor (never put yourself in risk) . What you should look next is reviews , check what other people had to say about the services . Check if they have real photos with the girls and location because most of them have bought photos from web and you don’t want to waste your time on the road.

Masseuses in a legal massage parlor

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Massage in Bucharest

There is no doubt that the masseuse need to be beautiful and clean.

One important factor to decide if you should book the massage or not , is to be sure that the girls who are working there have a massage diploma.

For sure you don’t intent to go to relax and turn back home with muscle pain and aches.

Because, yes, if the massage is made wrong the massage therapy can have side effects.

People experiencing pain system dysfunction can have minor and major setbacks in response to excessively painful massage.

If the masseuse do not have a massage diploma, this will happen to your body if massage go wrong, to name just a few:

Best massage parlor in Bucharest

Black Velvet Massage Bucharest is one of the best erotic massage places in Bucharest, located right in the center of the city, or how the locals say, in downtown, very close to old city.

The erotic massage parlor is located in a safe, central and discreet location, in the heart of the city, close to the best restaurants, art galleries, upscale shopping areas, close to Radisson BLU and Hilton hotel and to the historical center of the town.

With a privileged location, Black Velvet Massage Parlor was renovated last year and became a modern concept of relaxation. The main interest is to provide an unique and sensual experience for senses. 

There is no red, or darkness when we talk about Black Velvet Massage location in Bucharest.

The rooms have an unique and refined design, play of colors, soft light, new clean sheets, king size comfortable beds, fully equipped for massage sessions.

We offer a lobby bar and an open terrace for relaxation and , yes, we have free bar from the house.

Beautiful Romanian Girls

The masseuses are beautiful and tall, slim, blonde and brunets, highly skilled in the art of erotic massage, every one of them has a massage diploma and are qualified to provide premium massage services.

The products used for the session are easy to clean with water, non-sticky, stain free and do not produce allergies. We use the best for the best.

The massage services provided are: sensual erotic massage, nude erotic massage, body erotic massage , tantra erotic massage and double erotic massage.

The most popular and requested service is Body Erotic massage with one masseuse, which last 60 minutes at a price of 300 RON. This type of service contains relaxing massage, more body massage and erotic massage.

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Erotic Massage Bucharest Black Velvet

Types of Erotic Massages offered by Black Velvet in Bucharest