Different types of massage from around the world and some history of this healing touch

September 19, 2017
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There are all kinds of massage types, almost every culture being able to say that it has created a type of it.

The massage therapy has evolved constantly, for almost 5000 years. Many civilizations discovered that some touching could heal injuries and cure some realy bad ilnesses. Today, we can find professionals in this area, but in the past, many of our ancesters believe that massage is the touch of a God.

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India is the place from where everything started

In 3000 BCE or mybe earlier, indian people believed that massage has divine origin. In over 5000 years, the traditional holistic medical system from India, called Ayurveda, became one of the most developed alternative medicine, based on centuries of studies.

Ayurveda is not based only on massage. There are treatments with diet, aromatherapy, color therapy and even sound therapy.

Reflexology starts in Egypt, in 2500 BCE

Egyptians represent one of the most interesting cultures of all times. They are credited with some interesting inventions and with reflexology, a type of massage that is very popular around the world.

The chinese tradition of massage started allmost in the same time ( 2700 BCE) and was based on buddhists and thaoists believes, that touch is essential for spiritual training.

There are many chinese massage methods that evolved from ancient believes, like Tui Na, Amno, or accupuncture.

Massage in Greece, one of the most efficient relaxation method for athletes

In western civilization, the idea of healing by touch began to materialize only 2000 years later. Based on all the eastern philosophies and practices, the European massage started in Ancient Greece.

The main beneficiaries were the athletes, who wanted to keep their bodies in a good condition before and after competitions. Hypocrates himselv promoted some combination of diet, massage and exercise for a healthy life.

Obviously, after Greece came Rome, where many romans were treated with massage in public baths.

Massage in our days

From the 19th century, many new massage techniques were invented, based on studies and experiences. Now, there are massage parlors in almost every town around the world and you can find some interesting techniques:

Swedish Massage. It is known as classic Massage and it is a rough one. It is recommended for all the people who exercise often and it can be tried almost everywhere in Western Europe.

African Rungu Massage. The roots of this massage can be traced in tribes of East Africa. The technique is based on a wooden stick, that penetrate the muscle and improves the blood circulation and increases lymphoatic drainage.

Japanese Shiatsu. Another great technique known worldwide, is Japanese Shiatsu, with his origins in the traditional Chinise Medicine. It is based on finger pressure to some parts of the body. This technique can create balance in your body and it offers you some great moments.

Thai Massage. It’s one of the most popular techniques and it can be found almost everywhere in the world. This techniques requires movement from the masseuse and reviever also, and it is based on rubbing and kneading.

Sensual Massage. Almost every touch can be sensual and the modern techniques of massage can be soft and interesting. If you want to feel a sexual energy in your body, you can find some techniques of tantric massage.

There are lot of types of massages who deserve our attention like Lomi Lomi Massage which is described as a praying work, Oriental Massage also called Asian Massage, Balinese Massage which may include hot stone massage, Reiki massage, Prenatal Massage, Baby Massage and many more.

No matter the culture and the technique. The main idea is the fact that massage is good for your body, and it can have some healing powers that can’t be find in any conventional medicine.

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