Sensual experience with 2 masseuse

Couple Erotic Massage

Guides both partners to know each other and to improve couple life offering full intimacy.

The purpose of couple erotic massage is to delight your senses and to relax in the same time.

Couple Erotic Massage

Flirtatious and daring touches in a charming mixture of a massage that offers full privacy

It’s a nonconformist couples massage package, which aims to delight the senses of both.

An erotic experience of maximum intensity, that guides both partners to climb the highest heights of pleasure.

Couple erotic massage is the most intense sensual experience designed to increase mutual trust between partners.

Why do couples wanna try this type of massage?

The answer is simple.

In a SPA Day , you get the relaxing massage, yet a Couple Erotic Massage brings creativity in couple, putting away the routine, enhancing desire between partners.

In the most cases, the man is the one who take initiative and decides to encourage his partner to try an erotic massage

Often, women who accept the partners idea to try an erotic massage have a guilt feeling, they are intrigued and in the same time curious about the process.

Them are the lucky ones. Because most often , women enjoy  the erotic massage experience more then men.

Erotic Massage for Couples have an interesting note for women.

After the session, they are more open. They will bring home massage techniques which will improve a lot the quality of their sexual life.

They become more secure. They now understand that jealousy is not justified and appears only when there are no resources left in the relationship. The woman who gets an erotic massage rediscovers her sensuality .

For her now a new world of pleasure reveals.

Couple Erotic Massage is made by two masseuse. Their role is to offer relaxing massage and erotic massage to both partners.

Because lately we were asked if we offer erotic massage lessons , we decided to get involve more and offer this service.

We want to serve you best , so during our massage session , our masseuses will teach you how to stimulate the erogenous areas of your partner.