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Best Erotic Massage Parlor in Bucharest

We get used to living in our daily comfort. We are afraid to try new experiences because of the unknown, of what others will say or we don’t believe in us. It’s very simple to loose an opportunity in life because you didn’t want to get out from your daily routine.
Also, the life is not only about a new job, a new project, a new promotion, it’s also about pleasure, pure pleasure! Nowadays, we are very busy with the job. We stay a lot in the office, also in traffic. The stress is an everyday order. Today is the same as tomorrow.

The moments of pure pleasure for you are very few. But why? You deserve more. Don’t punish you!

An erotic massage in Bucharest (at Black Velvet Massage Salon) can offer you a special treatment, focusing on all body, with the purpose that you feel special and to live a new unique experience.

Find out more from the rows below!

You receive pure relaxation

You have at your disposal an entire hour just for you, without distractions as smartphone, job’s or e-mails. You are the main character. The hole attention of the masseuse is on your body, offering you sensual touches, a complete relaxation .

You will feel very spoiled

Do you want to recover after a hard week at work, after a brake-up or simply to enjoy the pure relaxation? Take a visit at an erotic massage salon!

In life we are not robots, we are human, we need feelings, attention, relaxation.

We need to live in this life, not only to play a role of the good guy, the good girl. We are human, we are made to feel more sensations than you can imagine.

You get out in a good vibe

You need to get out from your routine. You can try to experiment something new. After a full hour of sensual touches, you will feel a new person. You get out from massage salon in a good vibe.

You deserve two girls who massage you

Two beautiful girls who spoil you with an erotic massage is a dream of a lot of men. But why just to dream? The erotic massage is a reality and Duo Erotic Massage is a type of massage made by two lovely ladies, so four hands. Is a perfect gift for you! You will receive absolute relaxation.

Are you still thinking? Take a look on Black Velvet Massage website. You will find all erotic massage types and the prices. We guarantee privacy and discretion!

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