7 benefits of erotic massage

May 25, 2018

A tabu topic for many, a real pleasure for others, erotic massage offers a lot of benefits. Black Velvet is a luxury erotic massage salon in Bucharest which guarantees you privacy and total discretion.

In a world full of stress, anxiety, broken relationships, the need for attention, erotic massage offers you the right escape.

Erotic Massage Bucharest

At Black Velvet salon you can find different types of massages (as Nude or Tantric), with different intensities of pleasure.

Find out more about the benefits of an erotic massage from the rows below!

1. Pure pleasure

An erotic massage means that you enjoy the pure pleasure during a full hour of sensual touches. So, all your senses come alive! Choose Double Essence Erotic Massage and two lovely ladies delight your senses for even more pleasure.

2. Total relaxation

After a stressful day at work, an erotic massage will relax both body and mind. Do you want to forget about customers, tasks and other worries? Try an erotic massage wihch starts with a mix of relaxing massage (from your foot toes, foots, buttocks, back, arms, neck  to your ears) and continues with body to body massage till the high pleasure!

An erotic massage is intense, deep and extremely sensual. Try the new experience! You can choose the lady whom you want, blonde or brunette.

3. Unique experience

An erotic massage is completely something else comparing to what you have experienced till today. Try the erotic massage made by two girls or the massage for couples. You and your partner will definitely enjoy a new experience and then a new erotism in your intimacy.

4. More trust

Have you lost your self confidence after the last breakup? An erotic massage is the solution! The beautiful lady will offer you total attention, your virility increases and you will feel ready to conquer the world.

5. Zero monotony

Have you felt that is too much monotony in your life? Do you need something new? Don’t hesitate to try different types of massage at Black Velvet salon: topless, nude, tantric, rebel. Check out the videos with the girls on our website!

6. Delight

You’ll receive all the attention, all the pleasure. It’s all about you! The beautiful lady will make you feel the king! Your expectations will be overcomed. Are you ready to be spoiled with sensual touches and a lot of erotism?

Come at Black Velvet salon or call for a girl at your accomodation. Enjoy pleasure, enjoy the moment, enjoy life!

Photo source: https://pixabay.com/en/woman-seduction-sexy-erotic-naked-499756/

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