5 things good to know about erotic massage

October 13, 2017

The erotic massage is an intense experience of pleasure, relaxation, sensual touches, pozitive mindset. Good to know is that the types of erotic massage are various as topless, nude, rebel, tantra and so on. It is important to know some details about the massage salon which you are choosing. Black Velvet Massage is a luxury salon situated in the north of Bucharest, very close to the airport, which offers you a variety of massages and the ability to customize to your tastes or fantasies. Black Velvet Massage guarantees for you privacy and total discretion. Find more benefits from the rows below!


Erotic Massage Bucharest

Privacy, a basic principle

Black Velvet Massage is a salon which take care about the image of the guest. So, privacy and discretion are two defining elements. Your name never will be in a data base. If you don’t want to expose and get outside to the massage parlor, we sent you the masseuse at your hotel room.The ladies are always business dressed. We take care about all your desires in order that you fill confident and confortable. All what you need to do is to relaxe for a great sensual experience.


Tantric massage

Black Velvet offers you a variety of intens experiences including Tantra erotic massage. It is a full hour of erotic massage which contains Indian and Thailand techniques, arousing your erogenous zones, bringing total body sensual experience. So, be ready to explore new ways of pleasure! You can choose the masseuse you want, blonde or brunette. All our staff knows English language. Find out more details about the girls (age, height, hobbies) on our website.


Included transport price

Black Velvet offers you correct prices. So, if you choose that the girl to come at your hotel room we don’t extra tax you for her transport. We offer free transportation of masseur girl at your accomodation. More than this, if you take a colleague with you to the massage parlour, you will receive free transportation to us. So, no worries about these transport details, we take care of this in order that you feel ready to relaxe and experience a lot of sensations.


Your feedback, more than important

At Black Velvet we offer a special attention to your suggestions. It is important for us that you have a great experience in our salon. In order to do this, if at the end of the massage you are not satisfied, tell us what is the upset. Offer sugestions to improve our services and we offer you the massage for free. We are fair with you and we don’t tax an experience which wasn’t perfect for you.

The intense relaxation of the muscles

The erottic massage includes the therapeutic relaxation massage. Well, all your muscles will be totally relaxed. All the girls from our stuff has diploma in therapeutic massage, so they know very well the techniques in order that you experience a totally relaxation of your body and mind. Enjoy! Be part of a great session of sensual and delicate touches at Black Velvet Massage!


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